And Then We Were Jumping

And Then We Were Jumping, poesia scritta dall’autrice dei Monologhi della vagina, diventa un video destinato a riempire le piazze il giorno degli innamorati.

Tratto dall’omonima poesia di Eve Ensler – autrice e poetessa americana nota per l’opera teatrale I monologhi della vagina – And Then We Were Jumping è un corto animato diretto dal regista Jordan Bruner.

Il tema elaborato da Bruner e dalla Ensler è la giustizia e l’operazione a quattro mani supporta One Billion Rising for Justice, la campagna globale per fermare la violenza sulle donne che anche quest’anno scenderà in piazza il 14 febbraio, giorno di San Valentino.

An animated film based on a poem written by Eve Ensler for ONE BILLION RISING FOR JUSTICE. Read the poem here. ONE BILLION RISING FOR JUSTICE is about envisioning justice for all survivors of gender violence. Justice can take many forms. It can be an apology or reparations. Taking legal action. It can be about making the truth visible. It can be prosecuting, or pushing to create change, or implementing policies and laws that ensure the protection of women’s rights. It can be calling for an end to all forms of inequality, discrimination, misogyny and patriarchy. It can be naming perpetrators whether they be individuals, groups, corporations or the state. Demanding accountability. It can be rising for justice be it personal, social, economic, cultural, environmental or political. It can be a revolutionary call to restore dignity and respect for all women. It can be about transformation. This film is Eve and Jordan’s vision of justice. We hope it will inspire yours – please send us your visions, poems, art, videos, and ideas of justice. As we bring this global discussion to the forefront, we want to hear from you what justice looks like. Join activists from around the world, share your vision of justice.


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