I Mondiali Antirazzisti 2012

Mondiali Antirazzisti was born on 1997 for an idea by Progetto Ultrà-UISP Emilia Romagna in cooperation with Istoreco (Institute for Research on the Resistance) Reggio Emilia. The input was very easy: to organize a real festival with the direct involvement and mixing of realities considered conflicting. In fact, the fan groups are normally labeled as racist and the migrant communities are considered dangerous. This formula which united non competitive football, fan, music concerts, with a common life in the camping has been successful. The success of this event is determined from the fact all the people who came at Mondiali have decided to come back the year after, carrying other friends intrigued from the stories told by the participants. During the last years, Mondiali become more a more a real multicultural festival and a concrete experience of struggling against each form of discrimination. Numbers year per year. directing, filming and editing by Giulio Aprin songs: Bob Marley – Stand Up For Your Right Bob Marley – Three Little Birds


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