It’s All About Love

Marc and Ricardo didn’t choose to be LGBT advocates. "I just chose happiness over another individual’s idea of what I need to be, or what normality is," says Ricardo. They were reportedly the first gay partners in Namibia to marry, which has made them a high profile couple as well as role models for other young gay men. Love or ‘coming out’ can come at a high cost for many gay people. In at least 76 countries around the world, same-sex activity is illegal, leaving people open to arbitrary arrests and attacks. It’s All About Love shows how acceptance can benefit not just an individual, but also help the wider LGBT community to access stigma-free support which is a key factor in reducing HIV.In Namibia the high rate of infection has started to decline. Initiatives supported by Positive Vibes, the International HIV/AIDS Alliance’s partner in Namibia, can be credited for a part in this.’It’s All About Love’ was co-produced by the Alliance and Rino Pucci Studio:


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