Nimble fingers

Nimble fingers is the story of dreams that try to survive in a world that won’t allow them. It’s the portrait of a young Vietnamese woman working in a factory in one of the new industrial areas on the banks of the Red River, on the outskirts of Hanoi.

We shall call her Thin. She comes from a vi#age in the Vietnamese in- land, where agriculture is still the main form of sustenance. Just one of many migrants who have left their vil- lages seeking the chance to empower themselves by escaping the hard work in the fields and at the same time try- ing to create a better future for their families

Thin tries her luck in one of the many smart cities that can be found on the Red River delta. She is now more than thirty years old and in the factory she is considered elderly compared to her colleagues. At her age she is no match for young girls, this being a job that requires slender, quick and nim- ble fingers.

She does not want to abandon her dreams but she has to start thinking what to do when she finally leaves her job. The new smart cities are growing every day in Vietnam and have a com- plex economy. Thin knows that girls from villages have numerous difficul- ties entering the mainstream circuits of the city.


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