Sexy Money Trailer

SEXY MONEY la storia di alcune ragazze nigeriane venute in Europa come prostitute e poi tornate in Nigeria per costruirsi una nuova vita.

A musical documentary about the emancipation of Nigerian women who have been exploited and humiliated as prostitutes in Europe and now, filled with a lust for life, are embarking on a new life. In recent years, a growing group of illegal prostitutes from West Africa has settled in the suburbs of major cities both in the Netherlands and in the rest of Europe. The women come here in order to escape poverty, looking for a better life and new perspectives. They dream of riches. But for most of them, the European adventure is a disappointment that ends when they fly back to Nigeria empty-handed. But they do not look defeated. Tried and tested. Smart, cheeky, vigorous. Used to being on the receiving end. Whatever happens, they keep laughing. It’s a harsh, radiant laugh that indicates: “You can’t break me” and “Despite everything, I shall always enjoy life to the full”. As a filmmaker I admire their vitality, their resilience, their inventiveness. They inspire me. They are the heart of this film. The film listens to women talk about their European adventure and shows the development of two women who, after returning to Nigeria, try to build a new life. They do a course at the Lady Mechanic Garage, where deprived women are trained as car mechanics. But there are countless obstacles. They are cheated by the woman who runs the course. They have to survive without any substantial income and raise their children in difficult circumstances. Time and again they are confronted with a merciless society in which there seems to be no room for them. But they don’t lose sight of their dreams and their lust for life. The film is not only a plea for their resilience but also an expression of it. Music, as a source of comfort, pleasure and beauty – in other words resilience – plays an important role in the lives of the women and also in the film. Nneka, one of Nigeria’s best producers and vocalists, composed especially for the film 5 songs she performs together with the woman. Credits: Director, camera and sound: Karin Junger Additional sound: Simone Galavazi Editor: Dorith Vinken, Maurice Bedaux Editing advice: Daniel Daniel Sound design: Ranko Paukovitsch Featuring: Janet Ogheneovo, Laura Akuoyibo and Nneka Commissioning editor Ikon: Margje de Koning Produced by De Productie, Annemiek van Gorp and René Goossens in co-production with IKON television and Volya films This film is supported by: The Netherlands Film Fund, CoBO fund and Dutch Cultural Media Fund


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